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Destron Fearing – More opportunities

SnapTag ear tags are laser marked, which ensures that the text does not fade and is easy to read. Continuous product development keeps the tags competitive both domestically and internationally. Our range of products includes a wide variety of ear tags that are officially approved in several EU countries.

Quality matters

SnapTag ear tags meet EU requirements. The tags are molded from durable plastic (thermoplastic polyurethane) and they go through extensive quality testing. The tags are easy to apply and extremely durable.

Two high quality choices

SnapTag ear tags come in two variations. SnapTag features an extra hard black piercing stud. The stud is attached to the receptacle, which is reinforced with stainless steel. The SnapTag U-series features an extra hard plastic piercing stud. The unique attachment system of the U-series prevents the tag from squeezing the animal’s ear too tightly.